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2 000 000

of food redistributed around the Canada thanks to donors from the Food Recovery Service in 2020.

From heart
to plate




Hotels, restaurants, and institutions donate their surplus food on an impromptu or recurrent basis; both options are possible.


La Tablée des Chefs

La Tablée des Chefs oversees and coordinates the donation process, then offers an after-donation service. La Tablée des Chefs is, in a sense, the missing link that prevents edible surplus food from being wasted and thrown away.



The beneficiary organizations collect donations of surplus food, and either redistribute them to their beneficiaries, or serve meals to those in need in their own premises.

Setting the standard,
like a chef.

The food recovery program establishes a simple and sustainable process that sets a standard for the HRI industry; it also gives recommendations to donors and beneficiary organizations. Essentially, the program values the importance of giving safely.

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