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What is La Tablée des Chefs’ mission?
La Tablée des Chefs’ mission is to feed people in need and to develop the culinary education of youth. Since 2002, the non-profit organization distributed more than 3M portions to people in need and more than 30 000 youth experienced its culinary programs in high schools and youth centers.
What is the food recovery program of La Tablée des Chefs?
The program mobilizes actors in the hospitality industry, restaurants and institutions (HRI) against food insecurity by recovering edible surplus food. The program, which is simple and sustainable, emphasizes the importance of respecting food security through the process! Since 2002, the program recovered 900 TONS of surplus food equivalent to more than 3M portions!
Who are the key players?
The donor : GIVES the surplus food, on an impromptu or recurrent basis. La Tablée des Chefs : CONNECTS the donor and the organization. Moreover, we oversee and coordinates the process et offer an after-donation service. The organization : FEEDS their beneficiaries after the pick up.
To whom surplus food are distributed?
The local community organizations pick up the surplus food, distribute them to their beneficiaries or serve meals within their establishments.
I’m a food donor, do I have to pay to give my surplus food?
Yes, but thanks to your donations, edible food surplus are valued and can feed people in need! The donor has to pay a fee, either annually or spontaneous, for any food donation. The team from the food recovery program offers a personalized service after an analysis of the needs of the donor and organization.
I’m a food surplus donor, can I be held reliable for any incident from food poisoning?
The law allows you to donate. Please refer to the legislation in effect regarding your establishment’s liability. Québec: // Ontario: // Manitoba: // Saskatchewan: // Alberta: // Colombie-Britannique: // Yukon : // Territoires du Nord-Ouest : // Terre-Neuve: // Nouvelle-Écosse: // Nouveau-Brunswick :