Our commitment and values


Promote social inclusion and human dignity


Respect the vocation of food and of culinary talent: FEEDING PEOPLE


Never sell the food for profit and/or exchange it and/or distribute it for purposes other than to FEED the beneficiaries


Respect the role of La Tablée des Chefs as a broker between donors and beneficiary organizations


Respect all legislation in effect regarding the rules of hygiene, sanitation, and food safety

Food safety:
a priority

The premises and staff from where the donations originate must adhere to strict hygiene standards.

We ensure the quality and safety of food:
  • Food must be identified with labels provided by La Tablée des Chefs;
  • The cold chain must be maintained during transport: refrigerated products must remain refrigerated, and frozen products must remain frozen.
Items that cannot be recovered include:
  • Food from containers that were opened or damaged during transport or during disasters;
  • Food left at room temperature for over 2 hours;
  • Food that has been recalled;
  • Any altered food.